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Monday, March 14, 2011

In the Moment: Crashing Our Reception

With our unplanned downtime earlier in the day, cubes and I found ourselves wanting to go mix with our guests. Our wedding party had joined the guests after our toast.

We gobbled up two helpings of appetizers (Brittani regularly checked in on us, appearing as if by magic when we thought of something) and then headed upstairs. We never made it to the front hall, becoming the choke point between the dinner hall and the cocktail hour. The staff of the Swedish American Hall were incredibly patient and skilled as they transferred food between the upstairs kitchen and the buffet table, never spilling anything. (We were standing right in front the stairs.)

We'd included a seating chart in our programs to ease the flow of traffic between the rooms and make it easy for guests to locate their table and seats. There was only one hiccup. Kevin's table was full. We tried to figure out what could have happened.

Seconds after these pictures were snapped, Brittani was there and the problem was solved. We later learned that an entire table of guests hadn't come to the wedding so people had shuffled seats. The food didn't go to waste as other guests were able to help themselves to seconds and try both entrees.

Our DJ Dale quickly conferred with us as to how we wanted the wedding party to be announced. Of course there were shenanigans a foot. We wouldn't be us without some playfulness. We also updated the Father-Daughter song (I'd found out the night before which song my dad wanted us to dance to. I'll share how in a later post).

After we crashed our cocktail hour, updated the song for the Father-Daughter Dance, and resolved a seating mix up, it was time for our wedding party to be announced. If you're just joining, here's our story so far:
Credits: All photographs were taken by Jessica Palopoli.

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