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Monday, January 3, 2011

In the Moment: The First Look

Fully dressed it was time for the big reveal - The First Look. Vanessa proceeded us into the living room to get positioned. When she gave the go ahead, I entered.

Now at the moment I came in tons of things were going through my head: OMG this is real-I'm a bride; Thank goodness the dress fit with the corset; and Wow! The excitement of the girls didn't truly register. I'm so thankful that Vanessa captured the reactions. (This pic is one of the many things that went surprisingly right.)


This moment was brief. I was quickly whisked into a chair for makeup. As time wound down, both Guille and Cat worked on me.

animated hair discussions

After makeup, I got lip gloss on my fingernail and managed to transfer it to the front of my dress. Hysteria ensued as we smudged it and then lightened it by dabbing it with a Tide pen. Freaked out about more stains I wouldn't let Guille near me until we found a wrap. (The sheet we had been using was now covered in cat fur.)

Eliot slept blissfully unaware through the "crisis."

One shot of all of the Silverstein (or soon to be) sisters.

And then it was time. Time to head to the Swedish American Hall. (As another bride commented in her recaps, I too forgot how to get from the apartment to the hall even though it was just down the street.)

Photography Credit: All Getting Ready photos by Vanessa Naylon.

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