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Monday, December 27, 2010

In the Moment: Getting Ready

I've been remiss with my recaps, but life - all those casual meetups with friends, etc that I missed in the midst of wedding planning - has taken priority.

The next recap was supposed to be about the standing ovation we received as we exited the hall. But I feel like rewinding a little and going back to the beginning of the day.

I definitely wasn't zen the morning of our wedding. cubes and I had both woken up early, gotten showered and were ready for the day to start. (Yes we broke the you're not supposed to see the bride 24 hours before you walk down the aisle rule.) I was checking and rechecking the clocks. I was wondering and fretting if everyone would be on time. I had carefully crafted this timeline for all of us to get our hair and makeup done. (We didn't end up following it, but we still had tons of time to kill later in the afternoon.)

cubes quickly exited to head over to Steve and Ames's place to get ready. Within minutes, the doorbell was ringing and Cat was here. One thing I'd completely forgotten to do was baby proof our apartment. I'd also not had time to clean so cat fur and dust was everywhere Eliot wanted to crawl.

We rearranged furniture and got Cat set up. Guille arrived shortly after and got his station set up. As the girls arrived we quickly realized we'd forgotten Champagne and breakfast. I was also forbidden to have coffee as it would dry out my skin. (I did manage to have one quick sip before the cup was emptied down the sink.) The boys were called and a delivery of Noah's bagels was made. Moni dashed out to pick up Champagne and Jamie went on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood to find straws.

The girls went to hair and make up first.

About an hour before it was my turn I retreated into the bedroom with Arwa and Jamie. This was the moment of truth: would the dress fit with the corset? Short answer: Yes, with lots of trial and error and extremely (and I mean extremely tight) tight lacing.

Prior to our wedding I have worn many a corset. I have many off-the-shelf underbust corsets and have one off-the-shelf sweetheart corset (I even wore to Mooflyfoof and EdRabbit's wedding). If I could have made any of them work under my wedding dress I would have. In the emotion of the day I completely forgot that I had a nude bra with clear straps that I could have worn. If the edge of the bra showed we could have quickly sewn extra silk to it to camouflage the hack. But I digress. Back to my custom corset and getting ready. First the top of the corset was a little big. The last two muslin fittings the week before the wedding were to address that very problem. Luckily the lace had been reinforced. As it was I was constantly readjusting the top of the dress when it caught on the corset. Second this corset did not have a panel under the lacings. This meant string burns as we tightened and loosened the strings against my skin. It also meant lots of complaints. Thankfully Arwa and Jamie were super patient and incredibly forgiving. After the holidays I'm going to have another corset made (by another corset maker) and a "Rock the Dress" photo session. Why you ask? I love my dress and had always planned on wearing it to the Edwardian Ball in the future.

While our apartment is small, having all the girls (maids and sisters) was the right call. Why? Because my dress was an absolute pain to get into. Had the zipper been just two inches longer the whole process would have been slightly less stressful. Although we wouldn't have the image of me diving into the dress from on top the bed (only place not covered in either cat fur or dust).

Once I was in the dress it was time for the moment of truth-could we zip up the dress? With holding my breath and lots of wrangling, Jamie secured the back of the dress, much to my surprise and relief. (Kudos to Vanessa for capturing this moment.)

Last detail was the boots. Jamie's years of lacing up skates was invaluable. Where I had always laced so that they rubbed my ankle, Jamie had them fitting like a glove.

Photography Credit: All getting ready photos were taken by Vanessa Naylon.

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