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Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Playa Wedding: Our Venue at Burning Man is Syzygryd

Ever dreamed of having a wedding ceremony on a 2.5 ton flame thrower? Then you probably haven't heard of Syzygryd.

From the Burning Man 2010 Proposal, "Syzygryd is a town square for the collaborative creation of music. It’s a public space, it’s a sculpture, and it’s a musical instrument. It’s the most beautiful expression we can imagine of the joy we take in community, music, technology, fire, sculpture and architecture."

Right now, the sculpture is being built (check out the video on KickStarter for a rendering of the sculpture as well as prototypes of the Flame Tornado). At our past two fundraising events, we've had our touchscreen controls out for user interface testing. If you stopped by our table at Maker Faire you might have even made music.

One of the Touchscreens that will be Mounted out on the Playa

My personal favorite musician for the day yesterday was Jameson Danger - our friends' Mericar and Joe's 9-month old. Hopefully they'll share the pics!

I won't go into more details other than to say if you're heading out to Burning Man this year, mosey on by Syzygryd before dusk on Tuesday, August 31st and see us get married!

If you're so inclined to dress to impress, the theme for this wedding is inspired by Firefly and Serenity.

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