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Friday, June 18, 2010

{Green} What Inspires Me: Eco-Friendly Boutonnières

Have you thought about the flowers for your groom? Typically referred to as boutonnières. Or commonly misspelled as boutinnieres. Or easily abbreviated as Buttons.

Created/Photographed by Ruffles and Stuff
For our wedding, I'm trying to figure out if go with real flowers (snuck out of my parents' yard under cover of darkness), paper flowers, fabric flowers, or something else for the boutonnières. And whether we make them ourselves or buy them.

What do you suggest we do?

Fresh Flowers
If you're aiming to be green, flowers seem to be the thing you should avoid at all costs. If you feel you have to have flowers, well then be sure that you're choosing in-season flowers that are locally grown without pesticides.

To avoid this whole environmentally insensitive area I'd begun dreaming of raiding my parents' garden (they're local; anything that would be in bloom for our wedding would be in-season; and they don't use pesticides). Cuttings from my mom's Australian Tea Bush (Leptospermum scoparium 'Ruby Glow' - New Zealand Tea Tree 'Ruby Glow') would compliment our soft romantic vintage look.

Leptospermum scoparium

And if the tea bush isn't blooming, there's sure to be Heather a plenty (blooms from July through November).

true or Scotch heather, or Calluna vulgaris

However, I'm not sure my parents would appreciate us appropriating their landscaping. It would definitely be a very personal DIY touch. Moving on from that day dream, a truly eco-friendly boutonnière would be one that isn't made from fresh flowers. I started thinking we could make our own. Here are some of the DIY Boutonnières that have caught my eye.

Paper Flowers
Photographed by Pat Furey, spotted on Project Wedding

So far I've found a tutorial on Just Something I Made for how to make the paper leaves using a page from an old cookbook, our printer, Matte Modge Podge, and scissors. This is a relatively inexpensive DIY Project, our only cost would be the Matte Modge Podge; 4 oz runs about $3. I also found a tutorial on Elizabeth Anne Designs that could be scaled back in size to create the flower itself.

Photography Credit: For You Love Me via Ruffled

Crafted/Photographed by Miss Trail Mix for Weddingbee
Crafted/Photographed by Miss Guinea Pig for Weddingbee

There's even a handy step-by-step tutorial for making these origami flowers. This seems like a more manageable task if we're just using origami flowers for the boutonnières in place of escort cards.

Fabric Flowers

Boutonnières by Emersonmade
$38 to $42

fabric flower boutonniere

Eco-Proper via The Broke-Ass Bride (includes video tutorial!)

Vintage boutonnieres bouts non floral stripes handmade
Boutonnière by Peppermint Cloud (Etsy)
$19.99 to $29.99

Depending on the material you chose, nylon or organza for example, you can create romantic corsages for your MOB and MOG.

(Source) Includes step-by-step tutorial for creating the flowers.

(Source) Includes step-by-step tutorial for creating the flowers.

Twigs and Seed Pods

groom tux unique boutonniere

Photography Credit: Simple Photo in Ontario via Style Me Pretty

Boutonnière by Pomp and Plumage (Etsy)
$10 to $14

Boutonnière by Rationale (Etsy)
$8.50 to $10

Themed Location Boutonnieres Las Vegas Casino Quirky Wedding
Boutonnière by Drinking Stars (Etsy)
$20 for 1; $125 to $150 for set of 5


  1. I'm working on our 9/25/10 wedding and came across your post, I loved it. I'm in the same boat and still heavily debating what to do! Thanks for posting these lovelies!

  2. @Miss Mary Congratulations on your wedding! What did you decide to do for your boutonnieres? We decided on skipping the flowers and crafting an altered art piece that matched the pocket watch on cubes' suit: http://cubesedenwedding.blogspot.com/2010/08/diy-boys-boutonnieres.html


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