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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolution for a New Year

Happy New Year!
What are your new year resolutions?
Have you started on them yet?

For 2011, I want to avoid having our living room look like this.
Resolution 1: Get Organized. Stay Organized.
Not planning a wedding should help me keep my first resolution: Get Organized. Stay Organized. Being better about putting everything in its place and having a set place for everything should also help.

Friday, I organized the kitchen and started dealing with the living room closet.

With the closet project, I was able to tackle two areas at the same time - the closet and bedroom. In the closet, I'd been using a shoe rack for additional shelving. The main problem with this? The shoe rack was designed to hold shoes not heavier items such as games.

I ordered an OIA Stackable Storage Rack from Cookware.com - A CSN Store. I liked the price - under $30 - and that it qualified for free shipping. Super easy. No hassle. The shelves snap together easily and are pretty sturdy. In less than 15 minutes, I had the closet storage reorganized and cubes' shoes neatly put away under our bed on the shoe rack. One less obstacle to avoid in the morning!

Be sure to check back tomorrow as I'll be continuing our recaps with "The First Look"!

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