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Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the Moment: Readying the Chuppah

At five minutes until show time, our Rabbi had us gather in a line. While we assembled he talked to our chuppah holders and gave them a rundown of what was going to happen.

We opted not to have a rehearsal for a variety of reasons. One our Rabbi discouraged us. And two, logistics. Trying to get everyone who was scattered across town in different hotels and flying in at different times in one location at the same time was not something I wanted to attempt. So instead we had the boys get together for some steak and fun and the girls gather for home cooking, fortune telling, custom lotion making, and more. (We'll spill details in a future recap - I promise.) And we had a pretty leisure Saturday - cubes and I got to spend time together, a group of us had lunch, we picked flowers, we made bouquets while we hung out in the sun and had BBQ.

Up next, Beginning the Processional.

If you've just joined and want to catch up, here's what we've done so far.
Credits: All photographs unless noted otherwise were taken by Jessica Palopoli.  

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