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Saturday, November 13, 2010

In the Moment: Waiting

After a brief delay - we were busy enjoying being marrieddealing with DIY debris, and celebrating our one month wedding anniversary - which was not planned despite the teaser for the last recap, "Up next, Waiting," we're back.

Immediately after the rabbi signed the Ketubah and we were married, cubes and I went around the Odeon room talking with close family and friends and receiving congratulations.

As mentioned our venue had 22 steps. My grandmother's balance is not what it used to be so she's always surrounded by a family member. I let my uncle know of our plans to have Roland walk both of our grandmothers down the aisle and then introduced them. Once my uncle was satisfied that my gram would be treated like royalty, it was time to introduce Roland to both my gram and cubes' Nan. In the second picture, you can see my gram and Roland getting acquainted.
My Aunt Kristin Congratulates Me while My Uncle Edward and My Mom Niki Look On

While we were milling about, Jessica seized the opportunity to take family portraits. We weren't planning on group photos outside of those of our wedding party as the logistics seemed daunting (this was the part of events I always hated as a photographer) and typically looked as if no one was having fun (plastered fake smiles on brides and grooms and bored family members).
From Left to Right: My Mom Niki, My Gram Marie, and My Dad Paul

From Left to Right: cubes' Mom Robin, cubes' Sister Jamie, cubes, Me,
cubes' Nan Diane, cubes' Sister-in-Law Arwa, cubes' Brother Todd

From Left to Right: cubes' Sister Jamie and cubes' Mom Robin

And best of all, Jessica captured the couple who started it all. (You know the one - The Girl and The Boy who inspired the wish.)

Groomsman Steve and Diva of Honor Ames

If you've just joined and want to catch up, here's what we've done so far.
Credits: All photographs unless noted otherwise were taken by Jessica Palopoli. Bride's dress: Vintage I.Magnin, reconstructed by Miss Velvet CreamBride's hat and veil: Estar HatsBride's makeup by Guille of The Lobby Salon. Bride's hair styled by Catherine Walters. Bride's hair color and cut by John Skinner and Louise Frost of CODE Salon, respectively. Groom's hair by Cindy Lopez of Azure Salon. Groom's suit: Vintage Gucci from Sui Generis, reconstructed by Miss Velvet Cream

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