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Friday, November 12, 2010

Update: Enjoying Married Life

Recent brides all warn about it. They tell you to brace yourself. What am I referring to? The post-wedding bliss blues.

"One in ten women may suffer from post-wedding depression, an increase, experts say, that is due to the trend towards more elaborate weddings." - ABC News 

Right now a month after our wedding, I'm enjoying married life. I'm enjoying the lack of checklists related to one day.

There were times when I was angry that to have a wedding that was us and share that with friends and family, we almost had to isolate ourselves. For me at times, I felt like once we were engaged we had to choose between projects for the wedding or relationships/life. This appeared to be true of other brides as well. On nights when I decided not to work a DIY project, we'd be out with future husbands, their future wives at home working on an DIY project.

Don't get me wrong, I loved our DIY projects. And by comparison to some weddings we didn't have a lot (our original list). But there were times when the point of our wedding seemed to get lost in stuff. I loved our wedding. I loved the excitement and anticipation. But I'm glad we've moved on to celebrating our life together.

Last night we hosted our first dinner as a married couple. Our first dinner since the end of February - the month when we realized we couldn't continue our monthly dinner series and plan a wedding. It felt great not to be thinking about what we weren't checking off. It was absolutely amazing to prep vegetables and herbs with friends. And best of all? It was great to sit. To drink wine. To talk. No rush. No pressure.

Sure this dinner party was different than our others. We're a "we" now. And that means we're a team. Recipes were worked on together and shared. Cleaning and prepping was shared. When I ran out of time yesterday morning, cubes made sure the ice cream for the Apple Apricot Persimmon Cake I'd just baked happened.

Maybe the post-wedding blues will hit me after we return from our mini-moon. So right now I'll continue enjoying this. A feeling of. "A life well lived" for lack of a better turn of phrase.

Here's hoping that having a wedding that reflected us, having been able to cut DIY projects in favor of more time with friends and family, and being passionate about many time consuming, life long hobbies, is the answer.

For those wondering where all the pretty photos are, we'll get back to the regularly scheduled programming - recaps of our wedding - this weekend.

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