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Monday, November 1, 2010

In the Moment: Herding Cats aka Wedding Party Portraits Part 1

In between our portraits and the shots of the entire wedding party we rejoined everyone in the Odeon room for more food.

As an aside another thing that went surprisingly right was our schedule. It went so right that we ended up with almost an hour and a half to just sit and wait. So Amy and Moni took burrito orders and headed down the street for food.

For some reason I thought I'd be one of those brides who was too nervous to eat. Nope. I'd had a bagel for breakfast and then I had almost all of a burrito in between photographs.

Our turn in the spotlight over, we retreated back inside for more of our burritos while cubes and his groomspeople took their turn.

If you've just joined and want to catch up, here's what we've done so far.
  • Highlighted my dress and how it almost didn't happen.
  • cubes and I took our turn in the spotlight for our portraits.
Credits: All photographs unless noted otherwise were taken by Jessica Palopoli. Bride's and girls' makeup by Guille of The Lobby Salon. Bride's and girls' hair styled by Catherine Walters. Bride's hair color and cut by John Skinner and Louise Frost of CODE Salon, respectively. Bride's dress: Vintage I.Magnin, reconstructed by Miss Velvet Cream. Girls' dresses: Adrianna Papell from Nordstrom. Girls' necklaces: GemKitty. Boys' ties: The Limited. Boys' shirts: Proper Cloth.

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