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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In the Moment: Getting Married

Before the ceremony started we were planning on circling each other. First I'd circle cubes three times. Then, cubes would circle me three times. And, finally each of would circle once together. Our Rabbi reminded us and we awkwardly circled in the small space in front of the chuppah.

Once we were done, the Rabbi began the ceremony.
Photography Credit: Vanessa Naylon via Flickr

When we thought about getting married in October, we'd considered temperature. Primarily we thought that I'd be cold. I had obtained a vintage rabbit wrap because I feared I'd be cold. San Francisco decided to be contrary. While warm weather is not unheard of for the first week of October - it can be our Indian Summer - we weren't expecting it or planning for it. The Swedish American Hall does not have air conditioning. Most of the year this is not a problem. As our Rabbi is leading the ceremony the boys were dying. Heck, I was melting! I was regretting having written so many promises.

cubes read the vows that he'd prepared and then it was my turn. He'd considered abbreviating his vows as well but was unsure whether I'd do the same. We'd written our promises such that we had the same number and our Rabbi had confirmed that they were similar in flavor (we'd also verified this for ourselves as well when we were trying to get our final set of  promises approved). Instead of omitting promises, I tried to read them quickly.

After we exchanged our vows, our Rabbi said the Seven Blessings.
When it came time to drink the wine, I wasn't sure if I was to take a sip or drink what remained in the glass. I opted for a sip and then returned the glass to cubes to finish.

cubes places Nan's ring on my finger and then I placed Poppy's ring on his finger while everyone looks on intently.
Photography Credit: Vanessa Naylon via Flickr

Todd, Helen, and Steve

Photography Credit: Vanessa Naylon via Flickr

Photography Credit: Vanessa Naylon via Flickr

With the close of the ceremony, it was time to break the glasses.

If you've just joined us for the recaps and want to catch up, here's what we've done so far.
Credits: All photographs unless noted otherwise were taken by Jessica Palopoli and Vanessa Naylon. Bride's dress: Vintage I.Magnin, reconstructed by Miss Velvet Cream. Bride's hat and veil: Estar Hats.  Bride's and Girls' makeup by Guille of The Lobby Salon. Bride's and Girls' hair styled by Catherine Walters. Bride's hair color and cut by John Skinner and Louise Frost of CODE Salon, respectively. Groom's hair by Cindy Lopez of Azure Salon. Groom's suit: Vintage Gucci from Sui Generis, reconstructed by Miss Velvet Cream. Girls' dresses: Adrianna Papell from Nordstrom and Macy*s. Girls' necklaces: GemKitty. Boys' ties: The Limited. Boys' shirts: Proper Cloth.

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