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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In the Moment: Beginning the Processional

In our last recap, our chuppah holders were getting it ready. Holding our chuppah were close friends, Hilary and Andy, and family, cubes' sister Jamie and sister-in-law Arwa. I, however, in that post neglected to share its significance. In short, a chuppah or marriage canopy represents our first home. We used a tallit prayer shawl that our Rabbi lent, another Something Borrowed. The chuppah is open on all sides to represent hospitality. It is held by friends and/or family. Their closeness signifies that love and support is never far from the couple.

And here they go down the aisle.

Up next, another break! We're off on our mini-moon so we'll be giving you a snapshot of what we'll be up to. Curious as to how we planned our mini-moon and why we waited a month? Here are the details:
In the meantime, enjoy Mooflyfoof's guests posts - did you see her gorgeous succulent bouquet this morning? No? Go there now and give her lots of love via comments! She's another "real" bride and fellow practical bride. As we were both October brides, we shared many a laugh and tear. If you remember, she joined us at Promises and Pearls and on our registry event adventures at Crate and Barrel (and as well as at Macy's).

We'll finish the week off by continuing the recaps with the boys Walking Down the Aisle (it's already written and staged. I accidentally skipped over this post in my haste to get us to the ceremony.).

If you've just joined us for the recaps and want to catch up, here's what we've done so far.
Credits: All photographs unless noted otherwise were taken by Jessica Palopoli

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