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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Planning a Mini-Moon: The Food

We're total foodies. We love cooking with quality ingredients and we love eating food prepared with love, care, and local, fresh, sustainably grown/harvested ingredients.

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Early in our relationship cubes said when we have something to celebrate we should go to The French Laundry in Napa. At the time neither of us had eaten at a Michelin Star restaurant. We then started out on a mission to see what the fuss was about.

We saved the first time eating at a Michelin Star restaurant for a special occasion - celebrating our engagement with cubes' mom Robin and Norman at Range in San Francisco. The second time was unplanned - a friend started a group of foodies who would get together at a restaurant and enjoy/discuss food. The second Michelin Star restaurant we tried was with this group of foodies (@DinnerAllStars) at Aziza.

We won't know until August if we'll be celebrating our Mini-Moon at The French Laundry (trust me we'll be on the Internet at 12:00 AM when the reservations open trying to get us a table). We'll be trying for it as well as a few others (listed below).

Does food play a role in your relationship? Do you have a favorite spot?

Dining Choices for Our Mini-Moon
Now you know what we've got planned for our Mini-Moon: Quiet Getaway to Calistoga filled with Cooking Classes, Good Food, and Awesome Company.

This post on food is conveniently timed. We're celebrating our 1-year anniversary today by dining out at Farina tonight. Bon a petit!

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