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Friday, May 7, 2010

Some things are not meant to bee

If you've been reading along you know that I avidly follow the bees who blog about their upcoming nuptials at WeddingBee.com.

Come on, admit it - there are wedding blogs that you just can't start your day without catching up on. Don't keep me in suspense, spill... which ones are your favorites? Why?

I like WeddingBee for its diversity. Bees swarm from all parts of the country. They share core qualities - openness, candor, honesty. Some are DIY inspirations. Some are eco-conscious inspirations. It's kinda like a one stop place for letting go of insert-your-wedding-insanity-of-the-moment here.

Ever since I stumbled across WeddingBee (in a total roundabout a way via Bowie Bride), I wanted to be a WeddingBee. The application sat partially completed in my Drafts folder for weeks. True to my desire to live without regrets, I finally pushed Send - heck what did I have to lose? - and sent it on its merry way.

Well as you probably deduced from this post's title, I found out Monday that I won't be a WeddingBee blogger. I won't lie. I was bummed. Bummed just like when I didn't get chosen as an MBA blogger for BusinessWeek. Whoa! Don't panic. You're not getting rid of me that easily. You're still going to be seeing me here on a pretty regular (almost daily) basis. (I think cubes and my friends would go crazy if I stopped blogging as I've picked up this rare disease called "Wedding Verbal Diarrhea" where every conversation somehow ends up about weddings.)

You're probably wondering why am I even telling you that my application wasn't accepted? Because I want to be authentic.

When we started planning, I thought we were going to have this totally unique offbeat wedding. (As I shared my struggle over whether lap-length or floor-length linens were more resalable, I quickly had that misconception squashed. I feel guilty for even logging in.)

We're having the best kind of original wedding - one that takes inspiration from everywhere for a result that's authentic to us. We're choosing/doing things because they have value for us and to us. We're going to have a wedding that's unique to us. While I'm not your Modern Bride type of girl, I am *that* traditional white wedding girl.

So here's what to expect going forward on this blog. You're going to read about planning a reform Jewish ceremony (this is where traditional comes in). You'll learn tons more about eco-friendly papers and ribbons. I LOVE paper (I created my own stationery for each season when I was growing up and I even attempted to make handmade paper from recycled torn strips of paper and water). You're going to see DIT projects. I watched public television growing up and was totally hooked on taking a project from start to finish and explaining how it was done (my handmade paper attempt was done in front of an imaginary camera and audience). You'll see wedding crazy (you remember my frustration with expectations of originality?) - it kinda comes hand-in-hand with a wedding blog.

But don't expect to sit idly and just read along. I love two-way conversations, brainstorming, and constructive feedback. I want to know about you. (Not everyone reading is someone who knows me directly.) So, limber up those fingers and introduce yourself. To get the conversation rolling, I'll go first.

Hi I'm Eden! I'm a 41-year old Californian native (very important to me, my great great grandfather was Samuel Hensley, foreman at Sutter's Mill) who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love museums (practically grew up in the De Young Museum) and discussing art. I love natural history and aquariums and saving the flora and fauna around us. I'm a foodie - love eating as well as cooking. I'm a wine enthusiast from drinking it to pairing it with phenomenal foods for the perfect symphony of tastes in your mouth. I'm a photographer. I love to write (four blogs, including this one, at the moment). I'm a planner. I write checklists and then checklists for checklists. I obsess about the details - whether at my job, when I'm shooting a photograph, when I'm plating a dish, you name it. I tend to do things to excess (two Bachelor degrees, a BA in Communication and a BA in Civil Engineering, as well as an MBA).

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