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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saying Gracias (Thank You)

Many couples tend not to think of their thank you cards until closer to their wedding (we're still five months out). However, Emily Post advises that couples acknowledge gifts within three months. Not three months from the wedding date. Three months from the receipt of the gift. Essortment advises no later than a month from the receipt of the gift and within two weeks of a couples' return from the honeymoon.

With today's postponed honeymoons (or postponed mini-moon in our case) and use of photos from the wedding, etiquette can often inadvertently fall to the side.

Until we consulted the Interwebs, we too assumed that within a year of the wedding date was appropriate. We too had also planned to design our thank you cards with an image from the wedding itself.

Tonight we completed another DIT project - the design of our Thank You cards. They'll be printed on the same Banana Paper Card Stock as our invitations and include our signature purple and vintage lace rose. The inside - as dictated by etiquette - is blank with enough room for a personalized note.

Tata for now, we're off to order more personalized stamps. The planned stamps for our thank you notes that would feature ceremony photos would arrive over four months too late.

Did you rethink your thank you cards? Or are you sending different thank you cards pre-wedding and post-wedding?

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