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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Choosing: Is it Just a Napkin?

People talk about the details. Heck, I obsess about the details. It's a key part of my day job. Details can either enhance or detract from an overall theme.

And that brings me to cocktail napkins for our cocktail hour and dance. Do we go with a simple eco-friendly cocktail napkin in keeping with our greener choices? Do we customize our cocktail napkins? Or... do we just buy a bunch of cocktail napkins in the appropriate color from a party supply store?

In the past, I have purchased plates and napkins for parties that would match other decor. So I have a history of consciously considering what we give guests to wipe their mouths, soak up condensation, etc.

Here are the options we found in our search for cocktail napkins. (Remember the only reason we're having to think about this is that they're not provided by the venue and we bought our linens for dinner.)

Option 1: 500 Eco-Friendly Made in the USA Colored Custom Napkins from Printable Promotions for $300 before tax and shipping
Option 2: 500 Eco-Friendly Recycled White Custom Napkins from For Your Party for $145 before tax (free shipping coupon)
Option 3: 500 Eco-Friendly Embossed Silver 3-Ply Beverage Napkins from Green Party Goods for $135.66 (on sale, regularly $170) before tax and shipping
Paperware Beverage Napkin Embossed Silver pkg15
Option 4: 500 Silver Gray 3-Ply Beverage Napkins from My Paper Shop for $19.95 before tax and shipping
Silver Gray Beverage Napkins

Want to guess what we chose for our cocktail napkins?

1 comment:

  1. $300 for napkins? Oh boy; I think my budget is in for a big surprise. Oh wait; $19.95 - I'll pick that one. Being green shouldn't have to be that expensive. I can't imagine that there is $280 worth of environmental integrity in those napkins. Couldn't you just make a donation to a green cause?


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