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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We haz rings for our Burning Man ceremony!

Three months away from our ceremony at Burning Man (right before dusk Tuesday August 31 at Syzygryd) and we haven't talked much about it here on the blog yet.

So thought we'd leave you with this teaser of the rings we'll be exchanging (bottom left corner in collage below).
Last year while out at that big party in the dessert, cubes proposed to me not once but three times (I said yes all three times!). Starr captured us right after the news was shared with the camp and seconds before Iris gave us an engagement ring (pictured on my hand above). Right after we all headed out to the Man Burn (where cubes proposed the third time).

One thing was certain - even before we left the playa. We knew we'd be having an on playa ceremony the next year (this August). And now with build season upon us, it's time to get planning and sewing!

Did you get to have multiple ceremonies? Were they completely different or similar?

Where we got our rings
  • cubes' ring (bottom left in collage above) is designed by EdmDesigns on Etsy
  • Eden's ring (bottom middle in collage above) is designed by London Particulars on Etsy


  1. Wow! These are fantastic! I am sure my husband would have gotten a ring like this had he known it existed!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! We found these rings completely by chance when I was searching for watchwerks parts.


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