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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well Hello Yellow

When looking for purses for my upcoming honeymoon I came across this basket weave handbag with mustard yellow leather accents. And last night at the mall as I walked by the Kate Spade store, the Hello Yellow window display brought it back to mind. I'm not typically a fan of yellow, but these sandals and accessories have me rethinking my stance.

What do you think about yellow? Take it or leave it?

The Finds: Amber Tantivy Thong, Cole Haan, $98Zappos; 21" necklace, $12Vintage Chics; Bakelite Bangles, $65KatcherrFancy Vintage Jewelery; Solid State Travel Clock Radio, c.1960s, Aimor, $19.99,  Juniper Home Vintage; 9" long x 6" high x 4" wide, Retro Yellow Mustard Basket Weave Handbag, Amanda Smith, $39Lilies of the Valley Vintage; 17.5mm Buttons, $3.00Orit Dotan.

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