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Monday, January 31, 2011

In the Moment: Toasting with Our Wedding Party

Not everyone in our wedding party knew to head downstairs to join us for a toast. Luckily Brittani was on hand and quickly rounded up the missing friends.

As bourbon is our drink of choice, it was only appropriate that my first drink after being married was from Bri's flask.

For our toast, we were going to have Bri's Watermelon Vodka (his on playa gift to us at last year's Burning Man). This was one of those items that in the rush from our place to the hall got forgotten in the shuffle. (ProTip: Create a checklist of everything that needs to go with you. Even if you think you'll remember something, it's good to have a list that someone else can double check for you.) Brittani retrieved the Tequila from the bar before the festivities started and we toasted with Tequila. Tequila has a significant role in Our Story so it was a perfect stand in.

After our toast, cubes and I shared some quiet time together (Yiccud), while our guests mingled.

In the next recap, you'll join our cocktail hour. If you're just joining, here's our story so far:
Credits: All photographs unless noted otherwise were taken by Jessica Palopoli. Bride's dress: Vintage I.Magnin, reconstructed by Miss Velvet Cream. Bride's hat and veil: Estar Hats.  Groom's suit: Vintage Gucci from Sui Generis, reconstructed by Miss Velvet Cream. Bride's makeup by Guille of The Lobby Salon. Bride's hair styled by Catherine Walters. Bride's hair color and cut by John Skinner and Louise Frost of CODE Salon, respectively. Groom's hair by Cindy Lopez of Azure Salon.

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  1. These are awesome settings and arrangements made over here. I like whole of them. These are seems to be arrangements are done by wedding planners/. As they have decorated well.


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