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Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Moment: Bungling the First Look

We left off in our recaps last week with me being bundled into Ames's car. When we arrived at the Swedish American Hall we weren't sure whether or not the boys had arrived. I dashed down the hall to the Odeon room where I was to wait thinking it would be the safest place to wait for our first look.

In midstep through the doorway I saw cubes and squeaked. I then quickly backpedalled and asked if he'd seen me. Of course he had. I, unfortunately, hadn't gotten a really good look at him.

We decided that we'd have the first look then and there. I waited while cubes grabbed his jacket and Vanessa got ready for the shot.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was given the go ahead to come into the room.

A quick twirl to show off my dress.

And then I was in his arms.

After taking in the moment, we made use of the unplanned time together to see how the preparations were going. You'll have to wait until our next recap for the details.

ProTip: If you're planning on capturing your first look, establish where the first look will take place before you arrive on site. Also, designate where the groom should hang out so that you don't accidentally run into each other.

Photography Credits: All First Look candids were taken by Vanessa Naylon.

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