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Monday, January 17, 2011

In the Moment: Enjoying the Down Time

After our unexpected first look, we found ourselves with unplanned time. Everything so far had gone surprisingly close to schedule so we found ourselves with lots of unplanned time. We decided to explore the hall and check out how set up was going.

One of the DIY projects that got changed were ribbons with pinwheel flowers. We kept the ribbons but instead of flowers taped photographs from our Burning Man ceremony to them. (I saw this idea in Miss Hamster's write up of her shower and had included it in a What Inspires Me: Photographs post.)

Many people photographed our Burning Man ceremony so rather than just print out the photographs, I added each photographer's name to their photos. I then printed out 4x6s on our Canon Selphy printer and ordered the photos chronologically. Iris then arranged the photos across six ribbons and attached the photos to the ribbons. Our venue didn't allow any tape so the ribbons are strung through the railing and safety pinned in place. The safety pin is hidden with a bow at the top of each strand.

When we walked through the venue, set up had just gotten started. The only area that was finished was the wall of photos. Seeing that DIY project exactly as envisioned in real life was amazing. In that moment everything hit me. This is it, we're getting married.

While our downtime was not planned, I'd highly recommend it to couples who are planning their weddings. We were able to relax and take it all in. I'd also highly recommend having a Month of Coordinator. Brittani of Dream a Little Dream Events was so on top of things. She and I clicked when I first met her, and I knew immediately that I could leave the day in her capable hands. Early in the set up I'd seen the buffet tables draped in red linens. (One of the few colors not in our color palette.) I didn't have to say anything. When we came back into the hall, ready to walk down the aisle, they were draped in our cream linens. Be sure you have someone you can trust to carry out your vision.

As preparations continued upstairs, we enjoyed ourselves downstairs. There was plotting.

There was eating, courtesy of Ames and Monica who gathered food orders and found a nearby Taqueria. (We ate our lunch in phases in between formal photos. Beforehand I'd thought that I'd be too nervous to eat. I ended up being ravenous.)
ever the san franciscans 

There was playing.

There was prancing.

There was kissing.

There were final touches.

Upstairs there was arranging.

And then, everything was ready.

The stage was set.

It was time to open the doors.

Photography Credit: All Getting Ready photos by Vanessa Naylon.


  1. Eden, your dress was gorgeous!!!

    Congrats on your wedding. :)

  2. Thank you! I can't believe how it turned out - exactly like I'd imagined. I want another occasion to wear it.


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