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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak Peek: Our Playa Wedding

Sorry for the long absence. It took a little longer than anticipated to shake off the playa dust. But...We're back!

Here's a sneak peek from our playa wedding. Recaps (along with crazed last minute DIY projects for our 10/10/10 wedding) next week.

Cubes & Eden's Wedding
Cubes & Eden's Wedding
Photography Credits: Tom Cavnar via Flickr

Atop a scissor lift beside Syzygryd we said "I Do" and saved the universe from potential destruction. 

We also successfully merged two geeky memes - Firefly (Fox) and True Blood (HBO) - serving a signature drink, The Fangbanger, designed to keep Reavers from eating unsuspecting guests.

The Wedding Party
  • Officiant: Joshrander
  • Giving the Groom Away: Netdiva
  • Groom's Attendants: Simon and Nicoles
  • Giving the Bride Away: The Massive Bri
  • Bride's Attendants: Iris and Oznog
  • Catering: Michael Whelpley with support of the Syzygryd Base Camp Kitchen Crew
  • Security: Christina

Special thanks to our friends: the Syzygryd crew who moved heaven and earth and worked tirelessly so that lights and sound were operational for us and fire was test ready (OMG the heat!). Warkitten who acquired a scissor lift from DPW. 10_9 who had a ranger on hand to sign our ceremony so that everyone could enjoy. 

Our Vendors

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