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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recap, Our Playa Wedding: Getting Ready

The day of our wedding came and went quickly. Most of it was spent lounging in the shade of our camp's single carport.

Our plan had been to write our vows before leaving for the playa. Like all good plans, this one never came to be.

Shortly after lunch on the day of our playa wedding, campmates sat me down. I was unprepared - lacking both paper and a writing instrument. Christie was having none of my excuses and soon paper as well as a pencil were in my hands. Vows written I returned to my book.

As the sun was nearing the horizon things really started moving. I'd forgotten to string the paper cranes on the LEDs and with the advice to start getting ready soon remembered them. Luckily J was able to open up the cranes, punch a hole, string the LED, and then refold the cranes. With J on the task, I ducked into our carport to change.

While in the past I'd been able to get into my top with a little bit of effort. I quickly realized that when you're getting married nothing is simple. After a cry for help, Iris and Icka materialized and within minutes I was dressed and ready to go.

Burning Man 2010 (33)
Burning Man 2010 (34)
Burning Man 2010 (35)
Photography Credit: Jessica Palopoli via Flickr

Our Playa Wedding Recapped

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