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Monday, September 13, 2010

Details: A Delicate Handkerchief

I think it's a done deal that come cubes' vows to me - if not before - I'm going to have tears in my eyes. Why? Cuz I had tears in my eyes when he said his impromptu, straight from the heart vows last week. (Mind you I was shaking like a leaf and had my own vows not been written down I don't think I could have strung two words together let alone managed an audible meep.)

Did you think about how to handle potential tears? Bride's stories of "The Ugly Cry" have only served to hone my focus. Please tell me that I'm not the only bride obsessing about this particular detail.

Nevertheless, here's what I'm planning. Going along with the vintage theme, I'd always been thinking of having a handkerchief close by (I can't see myself being aware enough to hide tissue or look classy dabbing my eyes).

Antique Irish Linen White on White LETTER INITIAL MONOGRAM E Brides Wedding Hankie, TAGS

But where does a bride without pockets hide a handkerchief? Simple answer. In plain sight - if it's done right. And yes ours will be done right - held with my bouquet as these brides did.

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