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Monday, September 13, 2010

Recap, Our Playa Wedding: Herding Cats

After we got dressed (and J finished the cranes) most of camp escorted us from camp to Syzygryd. This procession was totally not planned - heck, it wasn't even something I'd thought of. But it was amazing and is one of my fondest memories.
Burning Man 2010 (37)
Burning Man 2010 (38)
Photography Credit: Jessica Palopoli via Flickr

As we walked up to Syzygryd I was in awe over the crowd of people who'd gathered. At Burning Man you never really know what's going to happen. Time just morphs and people get easily distracted by "Oh the shiny!" So seeing everyone there was remarkable.

Sun setting
 Photography Credit: Arlette via Flickr

Moar Syzygryd
Photography Credit: Arlette via Flickr

This shot is of us just as we got to Syzygryd. We were totally in the moment and right after the photo was taken started greeting everyone (Mikest had to remind us we needed to start the ceremony - we were enjoying hanging out with all of our guests).
Burning Man 2010 (43)
Photography Credit: Jessica Palopoli via Flickr

Photography Credit: Mikest via Flickr

Our officiant (close friend) Joshrander was great (and incredibly patient). I was so nervous I had trouble finding our rings in our bins and had already misplaced (not really they were in my Camelback where I left them) my vows so he graciously held onto the rings for us. He was also resourceful (we were supposed to bring our bullhorn with us but forgot, he found another for the ceremony).

08-31 joshrander & elephant hat
Photography Credit: Markus 'Fin' Hametner via Flickr

Normally I've thought out every last detail, but here was one instance where I totally hadn't. Other than having our friends around us and standing up with us or giving me away I hadn't thought of how we were going to "enter" or arrange ourselves. I quickly thought of some order and had everyone almost rushing on each other's heels towards the scissor lift. Luckily The Massive Bri was on top of things as always and paused us. It was great getting to see everyone walking up to cubes and hugging him as they took their place in line.

Our Playa Wedding Recapped

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  1. Wonderful seeing the both of you so happy and joyful.


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