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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: Pretty in Pink

I know I featured these boots (my amazing Syzygryd-colored Etsy find) already. But... you know me. I LOVE LOVE boots. So here's Icka's boot shot from our playa wedding.

Burning Man 2010 (36)
Photography Credit: Icka boo via Flickr

Check out the shot she got of my favorite - super comfy - playa boots from last year! I'd set them to the side of the chair while I curled up with my feet under me.
Photography Credit: Jessica Palopoli via Flickr

Once the preparations really got started - like OMG I'm not dressed and the sun is setting - everything became a blur. Such as... I don't even remember Icka taking the shot (I'm pretty sure she asked me as I'm raising/swinging my petticoats).

I do remember the moments where I stopped to take it all in:
  • The deep breath I took after screaming for help from the carport where I was getting ready (anyone tried to get into a corseted top by themselves?) as Iris and Icka materialized in less than a blink of an eye.
  • Stopping just after we crossed Esplanade and realizing we were surrounded by our community walking us out to our Syzygryd for our wedding (walking hand in hand with cubes with all our friends who supported and loved us made what we were doing so natural, so right)
  • Scanning the horizon and seeing everyone silhouetted against the mountains right before we got started (thanks Mikest for reminding me that the light was changing every minute)
  • The look out from the scissor lift at all of our guests (all these people are here to see us get married? OMG!)

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