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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Making Up the Bride: Hair Revisited Again.

When it comes to my hair the only things I really know is that I don't want it completely down, I don't want it tight across my forehead, and I do want wisps. Other than that though, I still can't decide although I am leaning towards one of the styles worn by Angelina Jolie.

In my every day life, I typically just casually pull my hair up into a ponytail or twist it into a loose bun and clip it. So maybe my wedding style should be more organic, less styled. Would something like these two styles be too casual?
mexican wedding inspiration
flower in hair wedding

margaret piotr plantation wedding026 Margaret and Piotr
Photography Credit: Calli B Photography via Polka Dot Bride

I could wear the hat that Esther is making during the wedding and then I could add the hair clip in for the reception.

Or do I just keep it clean and simple, with a side-swept chignon?
Side Chignon
Photo via Celeb Salon

Or a compromise?
Photography Credit: Ellie M. Photography via Every Last Detail

Why am I thinking about my hair again? Well when I get back from Burning Man, it's time for another hair trial. I keep looking at the photos from my hair and makeup and keep doubting my original direction. I just hate how I look. I once thought that you didn't really need a hair or makeup trial. So wrong was I. Make sure you have one. Don't let the stylist tell you, well we'd change this on the day of your wedding and leave. Request that they make the modification right then at the trial. I wanted my hair to touch my shoulders. She could have loosened the ponytail to show me. I wanted my hair soft across my forehead. She could have loosened the tresses that were tight across my forehead. Maybe those two requests would have taken more than ten minutes. But without them, I couldn't imagine how my hair would look. So now I'm rethinking the look again.

Or do I just go with what I had originally envisioned for my hair that was not accomplished for my first hair trial. Here's what my hair should have looked like.
Orchard Cove
Curls touch her shoulder. Hair is loose across the forehead. Wisps of hair frame her face.

Maybe I'm just having such a hard time with this because my first hair trial wasn't what I expected. (I also hate that I look like I have two black eyes - so very glad I'm going with a makeup artist that I've already worked with. Proof from Vanessa that even with small eyes I don't need to look like a raccoon.)

Suggestions welcome.

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