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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Color: PANTONE Inspiration Board

Color PaletteInitially our color scheme was primarily Black and Aubergine with accents of Ivory (My Dress), Espresso (My Boots and Anchor Steam Candle Holders), and Quarry (Platters used in Table Centerpieces and Vintage Keys).

After considering in-season flowers (dahlias and hydrangeas) and choosing a cake with pink frosting (Rose Water or Cotton Candy), we expanded the color scheme to include Rose Water and Cotton Candy, Majestic, and Watermelon (to tie the blues and purples together). The primary colors are Black, Aubergine, Watermelon, and Majestic. The accent colors are Cotton Candy (Wedding Cake), Ivory (My Dress), Espresso (My Boots and Anchor Steam Candle Holders), and Quarry (Platters used in Table Centerpieces and Vintage Keys).

Photo Credits: Hydrangea Floral Arrangement and Vintage Keys via iStockPhoto. Top: Jennifer Dery via Polka Dot Bride; Bottom: L'Amour De Ve via Bonafide Bride, Albert Lewis of Mulberry Photography (recolored to match our wedding colors) via Polka Dot Bride, Emersonmade via Bonafide Bride (recolored to match our wedding colors).


  1. Here are my thoughts on the pantone wedding swatches. Fabrics, paint, ribbon, frosting, etc are not digital and wont match like a color picker. However, if your mauve ribbon is 20 feet away from your mauve table cloth, close enough *will* be good enough. It's only if they are right on top of eachother that anyone will notice the subtle differences. You can also work with color families instead of exact matches.

    So that's my advice from one girl who is used to working with digital color to another.

    By the way, your color selections are beautiful and very Eden and Dan.

    I love you!


  2. Awesome advice! For most decor, I'm going to aim for the 20 feet away tactic and use color families. I'm so glad you like the color selections - they give us lots to play with in accessories with the wedding parties' black dresses and suits.

    Love you too!

  3. We've been tracking comments about wedding colours - just love the way you're doing things! We get our brides to send us a swatch and we customise our designs to match! Sophie at cardsbysophie.com

  4. @sophie. Thank you! I think swatches are the way to go. I picked up pink Dahlias yesterday that are totally the wrong shade (thank goodness for return policies).

  5. Nice choice of colour and idea behind the colours is even better..I like the range of flowers you choose..I think red goes well with the wedding decoration..I like the stuff shown here for the decorations..


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