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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inspiration Boards: Why?

I was not too sure of why one would need an inspiration board. It initially seemed like a something that wasn't really necessary (see my earlier post). But now I'm rethinking its usefulness - you know what they say, "A picture is a thousand words."

BestBiddy explains they're "inspiring, creative, and customizable - yet grounding - ... bring[ing] focus, clarity and practicality to the forefront" and highlights that you can use "a wedding board:
  • To set expectations, stay focused, and eliminate unnecessary spending on areas that do not contribute to your overall wedding vision
  • To narrow in on vendor specializations (e.g. I'm looking for a vintage limousine) when requesting wedding vendor bids
  • To build detail into your wedding planning and provide vendors with enough information to deliver accurate bids"
The board at the right is our second attempt at an inspiration board. What do you think? Can you tell we like reading? That we like to cook? And that we're into wine tasting (or drinking)?

Photography Credits:
Top Row: Claudia Lopez via Betsy White, Tom Mannion for Elle Decoration via This is Glamorous (via R P Scissors)
Second Row: Jennifer Dery via Polka Dot Bride, Vintage Dress from Dorothea's Closet Vintage, L'Amour De Ve via Bonafide Bride
Middle Row: Emersonmade via Bonafide Bride (recolored to match our wedding colors, Vintage Recipe Clipping Book from Etsy, Monumental Designs via Green Wedding Shoes (jeweled center recolored to match our wedding colors)
Bottom Row: Carrie Patterson via Green Wedding Shoes, Albert Lewis of Mulberry Photography (recolored to match our wedding colors) via Polka Dot Bride

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