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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Color: The Difference It Can Make

NOTE: Originally posted on LiveJournal.

Lots of wedding porn/blogs start with an inspiration board - what do you like or what's your vision. Those boards look like something out of Martha Stewart - kinda not the feel we're looking at. cubes proposed for the first time at Spurious Causality and we explored the Neverwas Haul shortly after. That's driven/influenced the overall feel for us - hence one of the reasons we chose Swedish American Hall in SF (built in the early 1900s).

We had our cake tasting last night and that got me thinking about whether hydrangeas or dahlias or a combination of the flowers (both are in-season in October) would go best with our cake choice (the raspberry frosting is pink/rose colored).

Take 1: Inspiration Board Using Dahlias as Focal Point

Take 2: Inspiration Board Using Hydrangeas as Focal Point

Take 3: Inspiration Board Using Cake as Focal Point

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