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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update: Choosing (rather stumbling across) Our Venue

Once we decided upon a date, the search was on for a venue. I'd like to say we carefully considered the aesthetics of a place before choosing one that absolutely matches our inspiration, but um... we didn't. First thought, cost. Second thought, OMG everything's booked, panic!

There were venues that we (rather I) discounted immediately. I'd worked events photography in these spaces and had met a lot of the preferred (i.e. must use) vendors and was less than impressed. Venues in the Presidio were quickly forgotten as our wedding date occurs during Fleet Week which makes any event space in the Presidio inaccessible.

The four spaces with availability that we were originally considering and going to visit were Terra/Mer, Supper Club, and Swedish American Hall (see my rant). Supper Club never gave us pricing information. Terra/Mer were going to squeeze us in between space rentals and event set up to view the location and had some funny catering/amenity rental requirements. We visited Swedish American Hall first and knew upon walking into the space that it matched our vision.

Of the venues listed below (those considered and/or ruled out), Swedish American Hall (SAH) was one I hadn't worked. We discovered it one night by accident. We were in the mood for Indian and researched delivery. We found a restaurant in the Castro on Market that delivered and figured we'd go there first to check it out (and verify the dishes weren't made with Ghee or Yogurt). On the way to the restaurant we walked by SAH. We talked about the architecture (I was surprised that Cafe Du Nord was so near us - had always heard of it, but never been to it). A few days (maybe a week or two) passed and we were walking back to the restaurant and I wondered if they had rental space. A quick call the next day and our question was answered (although there's a huge sign on the side of the building that we completely missed about Space Rental!).

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