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Monday, February 7, 2011

In the Moment: Sipping & Nibbling

While we enjoyed some quiet time together, our guests enjoyed our signature drink, wine, and beer.


mantelpiece theatre

icka stole a photo op here

Guests snap up Crostini with Goat Cheese and Artichoke Olive Relish.

We chose three passed appetizers from Cafe du Nord: Bruschetta with Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Garlic and Basil; Bruschetta with Winter Greens Braised in Olive Oil with Chile, Garlic and Lemon; and Crostini with Goat Cheese and Artichoke Olive Relish. (Brittani brought us two plates - six bites each!) All were a hit with the guests.
We lined three pedestals up down the center of the room and decorated them with Real Touch Silk Dahlias and
Mason Jars hand tied with ribbons and antique keys. 

Guests also took time to add their favorite recipes to our guest book. The book along with supplies - pens, glue, photo corners, and more - was set up in the front bay window.

After our cocktail hour, it's time for dinner, but that's a story for another recap. If you're just joining, here's our story so far:
Credits: All photographs were taken by Jessica Palopoli and Vanessa Naylon.

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