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Monday, September 20, 2010

Recap, Our Playa Wedding: Traditions

Something new; something old; something borrowed; and something blue.

Syzygryd (the sculpture we got married next to) flashes C-M-Y as music is made and played. So of course my "something new" was inspired by one of the colors, M - or magenta specifically. I had three items. My M boots which I adore (and which I wore the day we went to City Hall to get our marriage license). A tool belt and comfy arm warmers.
$29.99 from Amazon.com

Cronert Multi Stripe Arm Warmers
$18 from Sock Dreams

With the exception of my vintage boots, the other two "something new" items were practical. The arm warmers kept me from shivering in the early evening. And the tool belt pockets overflowed with our wedding favors.

My planned "something old" were the vintage petticoats I wore. My Miss Velvet Cream denim top - a New Year's present to myself two years ago was originally my "something blue," but after Christina gave me a lace garter with blue ribbon which seemed a more appropriate "something blue"my top became my "something old." 

I'd actually forgotten my "something borrowed." Luckily circumstances worked to my advantage. We borrowed a bullhorn to amplify the ceremony - a bullhorn which we returned to its rightful owner. 

Did you have non-traditional items for your something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue?

Our Playa Wedding Recapped

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