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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: Glamor

Context is everything. Casually hang these Goldwyn T-Strap Dress Shoes by Steve Madden heels from a bucket and voila: Rustic Glamor.

Photography Credit: Stephen Knuth Photography via Glamour and Grace

But... set these heels atop an upholstered divan with handbag and pashima or bouquet in a room punctuated by gleaming waxed wood floors you'd think Hollywood Glamor. 
Photography Credit: Marie Labbancz via Inspirations & Creations

Depending on how a photographer frames a shot, depending on where a photographer places a detail, your images can convey a very different feel than what you envisioned.


  1. ooOOoOOo!! BEAUTIFUL shoes - BEAUTIFUL photos!!

  2. @Swatchbook Weddings: There are some amazingly creative photographers out there.


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