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Monday, September 20, 2010

Unexpected Consequences of Photographic Vision

This post should probably be titled "cubes gets his wish! A clean apt before we say I Do." 

Why you ask? Well I just realized that the girls and I are getting ready in our apartment. If we want any photos of us getting ready (and I loved the shots from both Ames and Helen's weddings), our photographers would probably appreciate a space that's uncluttered. 

Remember how we were hiding everything in plain sight? Well that organized space was soon out grown. Plus we packed for and then returned from the playa. As cubes is fond of saying our apartment currently looks as if we were hit by both a Hurricane and a Tornado.  

What got me thinking about de-cluttering? Eye candy. Specifically this dress shot. Well not a "true" dress shot - it's actually a shoe shot - but what a neat idea: hanging your dress on a form. 

The composition and framing of the shot caught my eye. Clean lines. Simple background. 

And now you see why the light bulb went on and I realized we need to add unpacking, cleaning and styling our apartment to the Wedding To Do list. I see why brides opt to get ready at a hotel - an uncluttered space.

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