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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hiding Wedding DIY in Plain Sight

So you've seen all the boxes that have been arriving. And you're probably wondering where they're going.

As you know we have a nice one bedroom apartment with a couple of closets. Unfortunately wedding DIY projects don't seem to stay neatly confined to workspaces (still packed computer and printing station in the office) or closets (sewing station in the living room). We've been trying to keep the wedding DIY sprawl to a medium - it's not really working.

Our entry hall has become a holding area (three boxes of linen are residing there currently). While actively working on a DIT project our coffee table transforms into a workspace. All the stationery has been designed right there - save the dates, invitations, and inserts. At the moment we're enjoying a coffee table free of projects.
In-progress stationery projects and found objects such as watchwerks and keys hide in plain sight, tucked neatly into the vintage train cases that will grace tables at our reception. The sofa table we use for buffets is filled with silver platters and beer and wine bottles we've acquired to date.

What strategies are you employing to keep your wedding sprawl under control? Did you appropriate a spare room or are trying to find space in other areas?


  1. Like you, we have a small apartment. Although it's 2 bedroom, one is out of bounds since it's our son's. So my wedding crap as FI calls it resides primarily in the basement storage "Cage" assigned to each apartment but there's still stuff in here wherever I can get a free spot. You're not alone.

  2. We are very lucky in that we rent a huge garage a block from our apartment. That's where we're storing the 15+ cases of wine that we bought for the reception and rehearsal dinner. So far the DIY stuff hasn't taken up much space, but that's probably because we haven't really started it yet. September is going to be crazy for our apartment (procrastinator that I am)! I don't think we'll have as many projects as you though. I'm not nearly as ambitious. :)

  3. Jem/Mooflyfoof-we too are using space in a garage. Our cases of wine & sparkling fruit juices are there. The wine and beer bottles for candle holders may move down there.


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