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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Until I read Alyssa's latest post where she mentions her last birthday as a "single" as almost a footnote, I'd never thought about it. Then it struck me - both cubes and I have celebrated our last birthdays as "singles."

When cubes celebrated his birthday, neither of us yet realized we'd be crossing a milestone. We just moved in together and hadn't yet set a date.

When I celebrated my last birthday as a "single" we'd just decided upon our wedding date and chosen our venue. Again neither of us thought about it being the last birthday when I was "single."

Funny thing is that now that I know I've celebrated my last birthday as a "single" and thought about it some, I feel more excited about our next birthdays. The first birthdays we'll celebrate as part of a couple.

Did a milestone sneak up on you? Are there any milestones you're looking forward to celebrating together?

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