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Friday, April 30, 2010

To be written and talked about

As I scanned through my Google Reader feed this morning, I was struck by today's Ask Beth Q&A - What Can We Do to Ensure Our Wedding is Published and Blogged About? I personally think this goal would cause me undo stress. But then, I've never been the type to want to appear in the Society Pages. Maybe this is the modern day equivalent?

Are you aiming for your wedding to appear online? Is your decision personal or business related?

The goal of all of our DIY/DIT projects is not to have our wedding showcased on the Interwebs. I know that what we're choosing for ourselves may or may not suit everyone's tastes. I also have a problem with labels.

Have you modified what you're planning to improve your chances of being featured? If you're already married, was your wedding featured? Was it what you expected? Would you do anything different? I'd like to know; maybe I'm doing this wrong.


  1. I guess I assume that my wedding will appear online in my blog, but I'm not particularly expecting it to be picked up by anyone else.

    The point of the blog is to give me an outlet so that I don't bore the snot out of people who don't want to talk wedding all the time.

  2. I think I view personal wedding blogs and blogs such as Style Me Pretty or Martha Stewart Weddings as two different things. The first to me is more open/honest (we share what's freaking us out and what didn't work) and the second just shows perfection. I enjoy the personal wedding blogs and too blogging about our wedding so that people can tune in/tune out as they wish.


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