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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Check In: Two Weeks Until Our Burning Man Wedding

When we last checked in, we'd just bought striped socks for the boys. This past week, we got the striped ties for the boys (again we're keeping the final choice secret but for those who want a hint - one of our guys expressed a preference for it). And we discovered that at four people in our wedding party are reading our blog! (Totally love you all - Bri, Helen, Arws, Todd!)

We (rather I) finally figured out what to do for the boys' boutonnieres. We're taking the lead from the pocketwatch element on cubes' suit. One is almost done. Just need to add a safety pin to the back. Two have been designed and Krazy glued. They just need to be sewn or otherwise put together and have safety pins added to the back. I'm debating wearing one of the boutonnieres on my wedding outfit at Burning Man - just for continuity between the two ceremonies, but haven't decided yet.

The custom shirts for the boys were also ordered. We totally had fun measuring the boys. (I'll post tips and pics from cubes' fitting. We followed the instructions to the letter - even drinking wine where shown.)

Other than that, we didn't get much done on last month's checklist. Probably the most important item on the checklist was accomplished. Obtain marriage license. Yep - we did that.

The other to do items? Mostly found others that needed attending to. And discovered completed tasks that we needed to revisit (next batch of invitations and envelope liners - we're spilling into a third room for the reception so the goal of trying to keep the guest list small for an intimate wedding has become just a pipe dream). Oh and of course I redesigned the programs once again. (I think that makes 3 times so far. On par with the number of times I redesigned the invitations and inserts.)

Like other couples, we're tired of the countdown. Our registries send us emails with the number of days left in which to complete everything. Various wedding newsletters send us weekly and/or daily emails. We have counters on the bottom of our blog but truthfully I stopped looking at them weeks ago. What gets done, gets done. What doesn't, doesn't.

We'd planned on meeting with our Day of Coordinator before leaving for Burning Man. Yep not going to happen, but not stressing it. Was going to wrap up hair and makeup trials before Burning Man. Turns out it's much less stressful just to plan them after Burning Man. We've worked with our wonderful makeup artist Guille before. I loved what he did with my makeup for last year's double wedding. We're just adding fake eye lashes to the corners of my eyes (which thanks to my first absolutely horrible trial I'm now familiar with).

Had planned on getting my hair braided for Burning Man. That didn't happen. I won't lie, this is something I'm a little stressed about, but with my hair now 6 inches longer than last year, we weren't sure I'd be able to wear braids without getting worse headaches than last year. (As I'm frequently getting migraines now, headaches from my hair seems less than appealing.) So... wigs to the rescue! Luckily, I found a buy 1, get 1 50% off sale a few doors down from Ardent West. Score! I'm going to sport a Pink/Magenta bob, a Reddish Orangish bob, shoulder length straight black tresses with purple tips, and purple 80s hair. (Anyone remember my layered hair from frosh year at Santa Clara? Yep. Think that do and add some purple and you get the idea.)

So in two weeks we're off to the playa to get married. We accomplished a lot here that wasn't on the checklist (one was, but the other two weren't).

  • My outfit was rethought and vintage petticoats purchased so that I didn't have to think about sewing. 
  • We found our signature drink! For the playa, it's a FangBanger (8 ounces of Tru Blood Beverage with 2 ounces of Vodka). For the San Francisco wedding, we'll have both FangBangers and Plasmapolitans (unofficial recipes can be found at Loving True Blood in Dallas; official drink menu (pdf) can be found at TruBeverage.com). (Google Reavers and Firefly and you'll see why we're serving a drink designed for civilized vampires.) 
Tru Blood Beverage - 4 Pack
No checklist this month. I can share our Burning Man packing list if you really feel this post needs another spreadsheet.

Our Previous Checklists

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