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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Burning Man: The Bride's Dress Revisited

We're a month and a week away from our Burning Man wedding. My original grand plan was to reconstruct my Junior prom dress into a skirt and wear it with a Miss Velvet Cream denim top and my black playa boots.

Reality check. We're less than 5 weekends away from our Burning Man wedding. Our schedules are pretty full. This is my Junior prom dress that my mom made for me. There's no time to test out my plan on a different dress. I don't want to run the risk that I will damage my Junior prom dress - right now the only thing about the dress that isn't perfect is that the top is too big and needs at a minimum some darts added.

So... Let's deconstruct what I was going for. A kind of "Don't Mess with Me All American Girl" look. I liked the layered skirt. I wanted soft natural fabrics to contrast with the denim, the lacing, and the boots.

Vintage petticoats and slips to the rescue. They're not perfect so I won't worry if the playa stains them - also the few imperfections mean they're not unreasonably priced. By layering a few I have the look without any major sewing. And... they can be worn again later in the week.

A quick search on Etsy (Alley Cats Vintage, Anne Marie Austin, Crafty Crow Vintage), checking the lengths of a few options, and success! Three petticoats of different lengths to create the look I want - two with drawstring waists (no sewing) and one with elastic (an easy thing to tighten if needed).

With shipping my wedding outfit for Burning Man cost less than $100 (less than the cost to have my Junior prom dress reconstructed - a project for another day) - $85.49 and only took 15 minutes to find.

I know that I could have gotten the look for less by making it myself - cotton regularly goes on sale for less than $2 a yard. But I didn't have the time and still wanted to have my "Don't Mess with Me All American Girl" look.

In your wedding planning did you change DIY projects to BIY (Buy It Yourself) projects?

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