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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our First Dance

Our actual first dance was to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire at our friends' double wedding last year.

This won't be the song we dance to first as a couple at our wedding reception, it'll be played, but not first. (It might be a good option to get everyone out on the dance floor after the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.) That left us searching for a suitable first dance.

First Song: Regret by New Order
Music Videos by VideoCure

This song was "the" song for just over two months. That is until we realized it's a very long song - 4 minutes - and not an easy song to dance to as a couple. I still love this song - especially the lyrics. It too might be played during the evening, just not first.

Our First Dance: Book of Love covered by Peter Gabriel
Next up was another song found and suggested by cubes. It's slow - more danceable. And it's shorter! Just over 3.5 minutes.

Is your first dance song your song? Or did you like us have to find one that was right?

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