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Monday, August 9, 2010

Marriage License Obtained!

After looking at different locations to go to get our marriage license, we decided on San Francisco.
I had butterflies in my stomach - not exactly sure why. So we arrived to City Hall over 40 minutes early. I felt like the woman in the old Mervyn's commercials, saying "Open, Open" in my head to the locked doors. It was a foggy morning. I was glad I had on my mom's wool dress with tights, my M boots, and a jacket. (Really wished I'd worn my wool jacket instead of my trench coat.)

Finally the guards opened the doors and we rushed across the floor to find the County Clerk's office. The website said to check in 10 minutes before your appointment so we had 5 minutes to get there.
We were the second couple to get our license - the couple in front of us hadn't completed their paperwork ahead of time. The line moved pretty quickly. Once we handed in our paperwork, we were told to wait. Before we went over to the chairs we'd been directed to, we were called back up to the counter.

A couple of things to note. According to the paperwork they gave us along with our marriage license, certified copies of your license cost only $14 each, not $20 as noted on the website.
If either or both of you are changing your name, you'll need to get at least one certified copy of your license. The $100 only gets you the appointment, the license, and processing. Also the City Clerk's office is closer to the door on Van Ness than Goodett Place.
After getting our license we decided to celebrate with breakfast at Mission Beach Cafe.

Were you nervous when you went to get your marriage license?

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