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Monday, July 26, 2010

Update: Scheduling an Appointment to get Marriage License

Did you know not all marriage licenses cost the same? I didn't. 

I don't remember why I decided to "shop around" different counties for marriage licenses. But I did. And I discovered that like everything else, marriage licenses obtained in San Francisco cost more than other places. 

Your SF-issued license will cost $95 plus a $5 convenience fee. Also any additional copies you need will run you an extra $20 each. They have a PDF form that you download and bring with you to your appointment. You don't need to bring a completed form, but your appointment will take longer.

Now if you don't mind driving down the peninsula to San Mateo and potentially waiting in line (I think SF charges $22 more for the license because you get a set appointment time), your license - still valid for a wedding in San Francisco - will be cheaper. Your license will cost $78 with additional copies running only an extra $5 each. You can complete the form online up to 59 days before you go into the courthouse.

Because we live in San Francisco and can easily get to the city clerk's office by public transportation, we decided to get our license here. So bright and early the morning of Tuesday August 3rd we'll be off to City Hall completed form in hand. Then later that night we'll hand over our marriage license to our Rabbi for safe keeping.

How did you decide where to get your marriage license? Did you drive a little to save a little? Or like us choose convenience over a few dollars?

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