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Monday, August 9, 2010

Details: The Little Things

To anyone who knows me, they know I obsess about the little things. At our housewarming/engagement party this past February, I tucked silverware into coconut milk cans - we were hosting a Thai dinner.

One thing that used to drive me crazy as a photographer was taking photos of gowns on cheap plastic hangers. I actually brought wooden hangers with me to events. (Blame this idiosyncrasy on my grandmother and mother. Growing up almost all of my clothes were hung on vintage wooden hangers.) So of course, when it came down to what my dress would hang on (just for the shot as the weight of the dress will tear the lace bodice) I had to have custom hangers.

This afternoon my hangers made by The Painted House and More (Etsy) arrived. The hangers were chosen based on the colors in our wedding palette - dark brown hanger with silver wiring and black bows. (Yes I know - I'm going slightly overboard on the matching but the overall look of the photos is going to be awesome!)

Here's a sneak peek of my hanger. It was so neat to see my new last name on my hanger.
What do you think? Did you purchase special hangers for your dress?

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