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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Looking Forward

Almost everything we need to start stuffing envelopes with invitations and assembling the covers for our wedding favors has arrived! We've been working on other DIT projects in the meantime, but are looking forward to our first DIT Project Party. It'll be fun to unveil what we're planning and work with a group of our friends to make it real.

Here's a sneak peek at the treeless or vintage paper we're using to create the wedding favors.
From left to right, the papers shown are: Flower Fossil Textured Lokta Rust Brown, Thai Mango Aubergine, Thai Banana Coffee, Plum Raisin Mulberry Wrapping Paper, and pages from a vintage cookbook. We got the wrapping paper from Nashville Wraps and the handmade paper from Creative Papers Online.

Mathematical precision was used to determine the type (we could splurge as long as the individual favor cost did not exceed $1.60 per favor) and amount of supplies needed.

Let's Recap
This post also serves as a recap, for our friends and family who might be checking in every once in a while. The recap idea started as a way people could catch up on what we've been up to at their pace. We realized that not everyone wanted to have updates hourly (our Twitter feed) or even daily (this blog). And we didn't want to forget something, as with everyone's busy schedules we aren't always able to see/call everyone (and we forget who we've told what).

So without further ado, here's our recap. This past month was spent mainly ordering supplies and waiting. Boxes arrived almost daily. Many projects are almost ready to be started. The flip side of this progress is that it seems as if our To Do List just keeps growing. For every item we complete, we find something else we didn't think of. Our To Do List and progress since our last update:
  1. (Done!) Chose a rabbi.
  2. (In progress) Ask friends and family members to carry and hold our chuppah and witness the signing of our ketubah.
  3. (In progress) Book a caterer.
  4. (Done!) Find and secure a safe deposit box.
  5. Retrieve wedding bands from jeweler and put in safe deposit box.
  6. (Done!) Find and purchase shoes for cubes to wear.
  7. (In progress) Have custom corset made (went for measurements).
  8. (In progress) Have hat with birdcage veil designed and made (met with Esther).
  9. (Done!) Determine what the women in the wedding party are wearing.
  10. (In progress) Find a US-based custom shirt maker and order shirts for the men in the wedding party.
  11. (Done!) Secure hotel room for night of the wedding.
  12. Secure a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
  13. Plan mini-moon (weekend after our wedding).
  14. (In progress) Finish tablescapes (remove stems from flowers; need more bottles!).
  15. (In progress) Find paper cutter, glue, etc. and order missing tools (corner punch) and more supplies (deckle and scoring blades, cartridges of ink, etc.) as needed.
  16. (Done!) Design and write information inserts.
  17. (In progress) Print invitations, information inserts, and reply cards (printed and neatly sorted).
  18. Cut invitations and information inserts to size.
  19. Assemble invitations.
  20. Determine and verify needed postage using scale at post office.
  21. Address envelopes.
  22. Stuff envelopes.
  23. Seal envelopes.
  24. Apply postage.
  25. Drop completed, addressed invitations in the mail and wait patiently for RSVPs to come in.
  26. (In progress) Plan Burning Man ceremony (talked to Josh, set date - just before dusk the day of the False Profit Tuesday Night Party, and secured location - Syzygryd).
  27. (In progress) Determine arrangement of tables for dinner and assign seats.
  28. (In progress) Make pillows to soften Gothic chairs that guests can sit on during cocktail hour (selected and ordered plush that matches our wedding colors).
  29. Figure out music for dinner and reception.
  30. Write vows.
  31. (In progress) Prepare day-of-survival bags for wedding party (selected and ordered eco-friendly bags).
What are you doing to keep your friends and family up to date? Are you using social media?

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