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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Totally Random or Careful Placement?

Last night we took a break from Syzygryd (our project/camp for Burning Man this year) and called a Wedding DIT Project Night. We prepared by eating at our favorite sushi place - Sushi Zone (just around the corner from our place) and then dove in. cubes worked on the flowers for our tables, carefully removing the stems from the buds, while I worked on redesigning our RSVP cards to include our revised menu choices.
After all the flowers were destemmed, it was time to mock up a tablescape. The linens are very large and Sprite was very interested in them so they were quickly put away. At the center of each table, we're going to have candles in various bottles. The bottles are different sizes and different colors. We didn't realize that we'd initially grouped the bottles at random, not alternating as initially planned. While people probably aren't going to notice the detail, we started thinking about how we wanted the bottles arranged.
Which grouping do you like? Totally random (number 1), All similar colored bottles grouped together (number 2), Alternating colored bottles (number 3), or Other? Please tell us what you think.

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