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Sunday, April 11, 2010

To top it off

Last month I went to try on veils. At the time, I wasn't sure whether I wanted one or not - I'd always envisioned a cute little hat sitting a top my head.

Then... we met with the rabbi and she mentioned the veiling ceremony. All of a sudden I wanted a veil and I wanted one that my mother could cover my face with. The visit to the bridal shop left me less than enthused about veils. (Wearing a trenchcoat and turtleneck might not have helped the overall look.) After seeing me in the various veils, friends quickly suggested a birdcage veil.

So that I could try on the look I went in search of store that had birdcage veils. I found many cute little top hats with birdcage veiling but none that covered more than my forehead. Sorry there's no pictures as I was in a hurry and rushing home from work. I learned that I didn't want a veil that fell across my face at an angle and I didn't want a top hat.

Yesterday I met with Esther of E*star Hats. Until I visited her studio last year for my MOH's final wedding dress fitting, I hadn't really been a hat-type of girl. I *love* hats now and knew that if I ever got married I wanted her to design a hat for me to wear.

When I arrived yesterday I had no idea really of how a hat would come into existence. I brought our color palette swatch card; material swatches from my dress, table runners, and bouquet ribbons; theme inspiration cards; dress photos; hair trial photos; and veil inspiration photos.
Photography Credits (from left to right): Heather Fowler via Style Me Pretty, Heather Waraksa via Inspired by This

Over a cup of Wedding Imperial tea, we talked about the overall theme for the wedding and various elements that we were incorporating (keys, watchwerks, etc.). We discussed what I didn't like about the veils I'd tried on and which veils I liked. We sorted through watchwerks and vintage keys. We also talked about how I'd be wearing/using the veil. A clip to secure the hat was quickly abandoned in favor of elastic so that it stayed in place without messing up my hair.

I left totally excited about what we were planning. I also left firmly believing that every girl should have clothes or hats designed for them for scratch at least once in their life. The feeling you get from knowing the design is infused with your personality and meaning (if for a wedding or celebration) is absolutely amazing. I was walking on air when I left.

Have you decided to wear a veil for your ceremony? How did you decide what look you wanted?

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