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Saturday, April 10, 2010

All aboard!

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We've shared with you two components of our decor previously - Real Touch Silk Dahlias and Peonies and Beer and Wine Bottle Candlestick holders. Here are two more components - vintage cookbooks and train cases.

These components both invoke happy childhood memories of time spent with my mom. I had a hand-me-down train case (one that my grandmother was no longer using when she traveled) that held all of my crochet supplies. As mentioned previously the books are copies (same publication year as my mom has) of cookbooks I grew up with.

If you've flipped through design magazines or blogs or browsed wedding photographers' galleries, you'll notice that vintage books and suitcases are everywhere. For example, check out:
With our invitations we're asking all of our guests to bring and share with us a favorite recipe. In this spirit, we're having train cases holding some of my favorite cookbooks from growing up for guests to browse during the cocktail hour. We'll post a mockup of our table displays in a later post.

How are you decorating your reception hall? Are you using touches that remind you of happy memories?

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