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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Final Countdown

It seems that every where you turn there's a counter reminding you how many days are left before you say "I Do." It's the first bit of information that greets you on Macy's registry page. Martha Stewart Weddings displays it on the Planning & Tools tab. I guess they want to ease you into your countdown. You know give you time to prepare.

Most of the counters available are pretty much the same. Set of backgrounds and a few icons to choose from. Some allow you to generate a counter for your date without parting with your information, while others do not. The two we looked at that didn't need you to register for them to work were:
As of today, we have 154 days until our official ceremony. In case you're curious as to when you need to be on playa for our Burning Man or in San Francisco for the ceremony with family, check out the bottom of our blog. Two counters from WeddingChannel.com now appear.

Are you counting down? Is it exciting or stressful?

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