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Monday, May 10, 2010

DIY Project Test Run: Table Numbers

Friday night we worked on a DIY project for BaconCamp SF. This project was a test run for the way we were going to create table numbers for the tables at our reception. Of course there are a couple of differences. For BaconCamp we used manila file folders rescued from the recycle bin. For our wedding we're going to be using Coffee Paper Card Stock.

However, we learned a couple of things last night. First thing that was re-confirmed - I have an AWESOME fiance. We stayed in on a Friday night, watched Julie & Julia, and made numbers for bacon dishes and event signage. By working together we knocked this project out in just over two hours. Yay for teamwork!

Did you and your fiance have a DIT Project test run? What did you learn?

Items Needed for Table Number DIT Project
  • Card Stock (or Manila Folders)
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Bone Folder
  • Thick-tipped Marker
  • Tape
Step One: If using manila folders cut off the file tabs. Second thing we learned. The paper cutter I acquired doesn't work that well on items that are 12" wide/tall. It fails to cut or worse tears the last inch to three inches.
We worked around this by reversing the folders to make a clean cut. For our table numbers though we'll need to take a different approach as the edge should be clean and not frayed.
Step Two: Using the bone folder fold the manila folders or sheets of card stock in half lengthwise.
Step Three: Using your paper cutter or scissors cut along the fold you just made.

Step Four: If using a paper cutter, open up your folders and cut the max number of sheets your cutter will take along the factory fold. If using scissors, open each folder one by one and cut along the factory fold. (Our paper cutter failed. We cut each using scissors.)

Step Five: Using the bone folder fold the manila sheets in half widthwise. Third thing we learned. Saving money ($2.08) by not getting the second a bone folder and waiting for another 50% off coupon at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts was stupid. I forgot to go back and get the second bone folder so we didn't have it when we needed it.
Step Six: Using the bone folder fold up the bottom inch. (This is to give the table tent a little more stability.)

Step Seven: Using the thick-tipped marker stencil and fill-in your table number.
Step Eight: Reverse the fold of the back leg so that it folds inwards.
Step Nine: Tape the two legs together so that you have a sturdy triangle.

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